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Ramshot Competition Smokeless Shotshell Powder (12 Oz)

Ramshot Competition Smokeless Shotshell Powder (12 Oz) by WESTERN & ACCURATE POWDER Competition is a double based, modified (flattened) spherical powder that is designed for the 12-gauge clay target shooter who is interested in cleanliness, low recoil and consistency. Competition is a fluffy flat ball powder that provides for low recoil, is clean burning and is not position sensitive, which makes it a good choice for the Cowboy Action Shooter. Ideal Calibers: 12 Ga., Cowboy Action Pistol Calibers

Ramshot Competition Smokeless Shotshell Powder (8 Lbs)


Ramshot Competition Powder Reloading Data (8 Lbs)


We now offers Ramshot Competition Powder for sale in stock is a clean burning double base powder in a spherical flat shape. This powder is specifically designed for use in 12 gauge shotgun shells that are being used to shoot clay pigeons. Ramshot Competition clay target is a low bulk density powder with low pressures that can also be used to load for Cowboy Action Shooting. Consult your reloading manual or Ramshot for load data. Related products

ramshot competition powder for sale Product Overview: Ramshot Powder Competition Load Data Specifications and Features:
  • Economical 8 lbs size
  • Perfect for 12 Ga Shotshells
  • Clean burning and excellent for clay pigeons
  • Can also be used for Cowboy Action Shooting loads