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IMR 4895 Smokeless Powder

Product Overview:  We are proud to offer IMR 4895 Powder in stock for sale 8 Lbs. IMR 4895 Smokeless Powder 8 lbs was originally formulated as a military powder for the venerable .30/'06. Now the Powder is ideal for reloading a wide variety of cartridges. It reloads Powder 8 lbs and can be loaded in everything from 17 Remington, .250-3000 Savage, and .308 Winchester up to 458 Winchester. Summary IMR 4895 Smokeless Powder is in the Extreme line of IMR extruded powders. IMR Smokeless Powder is perfect for reloading a wide range of cartridges. It is a smokeless Powder that can be used for everything from 17 Remington up to 458 Winchester. Specifications and Features:
  • Extruded powder
  • Wide range of cartridges from 17 Rem to 458 Win