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Alliant 410 Smokeless Shotshell Powder 4 Lb

Alliant 410 Smokeless Shotshell Powder 4 Lb by Alliant Powder 410 Smokelss Shotshell Powder is the only flake powder specifcally designed for the exacting needs of .410 skeet and field loads. It is the cleanest burning .410 powder available and is more efficient, has lower powder charge weights, and provides optimum loading characteristics. The superior ballistic performance creates perfect patterns. It has consistant performance in any weather, shot after shot, lot after lot, making it the reloading powder of your choice.

Alliant Power Pro 1200-R Smokeless Powder 1 Lb


Alliant Power Pro-1200-R Powder 1 Lb

Power-Pro 1200-R is made for high volume shooters who burn through .223 ammo at the range. The propellant is specifically formulated for progressive loading. It meters well and its double base provides consistent ignition and performance across a range of temperature and humidity extremes.