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Accurate 11 FS Smokeless Powder (8 Lb)

Accurate 11FS Pistol Powder  (8 Lbs) by WESTERN & ACCURATE POWDER Product Overview We are proud to offer the Accurate 11FS 223 pistols smokeless powder for sale in a convenient 8-pound jug. Accurate no 11 FS powder is a double-base, spherical type powder that meters very well. Accurate 11 FS has been developed for high-power magnum handgun cartridges and smaller capacity rifle rounds such as the 300 AAC Blackout. This propellant is an excellent choice for loading personal defense type ammunition and increased range rifle cartridges to maximize the full effective range of the bullets. Additionally, Accurate 11 FS has chemical properties that significantly reduce the bright flash signature. Summary Accurate 11 FS pistol powder is now available from Midsouth. This propellant is an excellent choice for magnum handguns, self-defense reloading, and rifle cartridges with a smaller-than-average case capacity. Accurate 11 FS is a double-base, spherical powder that meters very well and has a reduced flash signature. Specifications and Features:
  • Reduced Flash Signature
  • Magnum Handgun Loads
  • Great for Reduced Case Rifle Loads
  • Double-Base, Spherical Powder
  • Meters Well, Less Clogging